Nintendo Profiles

Show your friends what you've been playing.

Nintendo Profiles is a website where you can manage and show your progress on Nintendo Switch games. The profile takes data imported from a Nintendo Switch with access to Homebrew Applications or manual input and organizes it into a list that can be shared over social network or forums. You can also generate an auto-updated gamercard with your play time summary and icons of your latest played games!

How to upload data into this website using NX Activity Log NPE.

  • First, create an account.
  • Download NX Activity Log NPE's latest release
  • Setup your credentials on the login.txt file (a template is included with the downloaded homebrew app).
  • Open the app on your Nintendo Switch and go to the Settings page.
  • Select the "Upload to Nintendo Profiles" option.
  • You're done! If you've set up your credentials correctly, your play data will be shown in your profile.

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